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How to make the most of the iOS Calculator

By all accounts, the default iOS Mini-computer application appears to be exceptionally straightforward. Yet, there are a couple of stunts up the Number cruncher application’s sleeve.

The Number cruncher application is one of the most fundamental default applications that anyone could hope to find on the iPhone. In any case, the application having scandalously never found its direction to the iPad isn’t the main fascinating thing to be familiar with it. As with most applications directly from Apple, there is a lot of secret utility to be aware of with the Mini-computer application.

You are met with a simple number pad and the most basic calculator features when you first activate the software. The Calculator app is far more sophisticated than it appears thanks to the variety of choices concealed under its simplistic design.

Deleting minor mistakes

Although they might be fantastic tools for input, touchscreens can give rise to the possibility of even the smallest input errors. When you make a mistake in the Calculator app, you might be tempted to just hit the “C” button and start typing the figure again.

You are not need to erase the entire number in order to remove a single digit.

You do, however, have an additional choice. You may easily erase the final digit if you chance to make a small error when entering a number by swiping left or right over it. You can swipe in any direction, and it will function in the same way. All you have to do is swipe on or above the digit.


Accessing scientific calculator

Perhaps one of the most well-known tricks of the iOS Calculator is accessing the scientific calculator functions in the app. Doing so is as easy as turning your phone to landscape while in the app.

The Scientific Calculator view can be useful for many functions.

Aside from gaining access to buttons for pi, exponents, and more, entering the landscape version of the Calculator app will also let you enter more digits. While in portrait, the iOS Calculator will only let you enter nine digits. When in landscape, the app will allow you to enter sixteen digits.

Copying and pasting

Oftentimes, the calculation you’re making is just one part of something you’re working on. For those times, it can be handy to copy your results or paste a number into the calculator. Thankfully, both functions are possible.

Copying numbers from your calculator can be a lifesaver for longer strings of digits.

By simply holding down a finger on the calculated result, or the spot where it would be, you can either copy the present number or paste in a new number. When copying a result, you don’t even have to go into the Calculator app itself.

In your app library or on your home screen, you can simply long-press the Calculator app. The resulting menu will allow you to copy the last result from your calculator. It copies whatever is displayed on your Calculator app, so if the last thing you did was punch in a 5, the function will simply copy that 5.

Modify Accessibility Settings

If you need or want some changes to how the Calculator app looks, such changes can be made by modifying the app’s Accessibility Settings. Changing the settings simply requires you to set up a per-app settings profile for Calculator in accessibility settings.

Changes to Accessibility Settings can give your Calculator a radically different look.
  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select Accessibility.
  3. Select Per-App Settings.
  4. Select Add App.
  5. Select Calculator.
  6. Select Calculator one more time.

Once in the Per-App Settings menu for Calculator, you’ll be able to modify the app visually with settings such as bold text or increased contrast. Additionally, you’ll be able to make any specific Accessibility related changes to the Calculator app you wish.

With these quick tweaks and commands in your arsenal, Calculator can become a much more useful utility on your iPhone.